Strategy is the art of finding the way for future and defining how to progress for being prepared and so, having all the chances of arriving in good shape.

When only one person is at stake, most of this art relies on selfcleverness, more or less like a chess game, but when it regards organisations, Strategy requires also strong leadership  for targets being shared by all people with a good motivation and organisation maturity for setting the right plans of move.

The strategos is the greek army chief general who got his powers from the  city government for conducting operations during times of war.

Arcole battle

Another great Strategos was Napoleon the 1st who was in the same time governor and army chief general. However all these military references should not make think that enterprise strategy has to be conducted  like a war.  On the contrary, it has its own questions to solve, its own laws, its own risks, its own methods.

It is the purpose of this website to launch and to sustain the discussions about all these topics…

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